Corrosion Monitoring


Corrosion Monitoring(图1)

Our patent-pending corrosion monitoring technology uses non- intrusive ultrasonic sensors and advanced signal processing algorithms to measure the thickness of the pipe wall directly and with high accuracy.

Our high(low) temperature corrosion monitoring system uses a unique dual- waveguide- rod design and temperature compensation algorithms, enabling coninuous operation even at temperatures of -200­°C  and 600­°C.

System Architecture

Corrosion Monitoring(图2)

Features and Advantages:

  • Non-intrusive sensors: No impact on the structure or strength of the pipe

  • Accurate measurement: Direct measurement method with high accuracy

  • Easy installation: No cables; compact and lightweight; easy installation and set up 

  • Wireless transmission: 2.4GHz wireless sensor network; automatic provisioning

  • Low power consumption: Over 10 years of battery life for normal usage 

  • Ruggedized design: Waterproof; dustproof; shockproof, and corrosion-resistant; suitable for harsh industrial environment

  • Remote monitoring: Access anytime, anywhere; maintenance free 

  • Secure data: End-to-end authentication and data encryption